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The Human Performance & Biomechanics Laboratory is a 2,800 square-foot research facility located in the Department of Kinesiology  & Sport Management building on the Texas Tech University campus.

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Laboratory Equipment:

  • 12 camera 3D motion capture system (Vicon Vantage v5 cameras)

  • 6 camera 3D motion capture system (Vicon MX13+ cameras)

  • 8 camera marker-less motion capture system (Theia Markerless)

  • 4 in-ground 3D force platforms (AMTI, Bertec)

  • 1 portable 3D force platform (AMTI)

  • 16 channel wireless EMG system (Delsys Tringo)

  • Custom-built force-instrumented staircase

  • Anti-gravity treadmill (Alter-G)

  • Free-weight and machine-based resistance training equipment

Laboratory Software:

  • Vicon Nexus (version 2.61 or newer)

  • AMTI NetForce

  • Delsys EMG Works

  • MATLAB (R2020a or newer)

  • C-Motion Visual3D (version 6)

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