Brandon Nunley, M.S.

Brandon completed his bachelor's degree in Kinesiology at the University of Arkansas in 2018 and served as a Graduate Research Assistant while completing his master's degree in Kinesiology at Texas Tech University in 2020. He recently began his PhD studies in Biomedical Engineering at UT Dallas where his research focus has shifted from lower-limb sport-performance biomechanics to gait biomechanics in orthopedic patients.


Ryan Lanier, M.S.

Ryan completed his BS and MS degrees in Kinesiology at Texas Tech, where he served as a Graduate Research Assistant in our lab. Ryan graduated in 2020 and currently works in Forensic Engineering.


Eddie Martinez, B.S.

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Eddie worked on a study measuring post-activation potentiation in broad jumps through the use of weighted vests.


Eddie is working towards his MS studies at the University of Memphis, where he plans to focus his research on performance footwear, and eventually work in the performance footwear industry (with companies such as Adidas, Saucony, Brooks, etc.) as a researcher in their performance labs.

Headshot Hurwitz.jpg

Jacob Hurwitz, M.S.

Jacob completed his master's degree in Kinesiology at Texas Tech in December 2021, where he served as a sports science assistant to Dr. Harry for the lab's collaboration with the TTU basketball programs.

Jacob is currently working towards a Ph.D. degree at Oklahoma State University


John Krzyszkowski, Ph.D.

John completed his Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology at Texas Tech, where he served as a Graduate Part-Time Instructor while conducting research in our lab. John graduated in 2022 and currently hold a tenure-track position at Southern Wesleyan University.