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Our Laboratory is led by Dr. John R. Harry, Assistant Professor of Biomechanics in the Department of Kinesiology & Sport Management at Texas Tech University. The lab also consists of a team of researchers (PhD, MS, and BS students) working collaboratively to solve human movement problems and maximize physical function.

Research Interests

    The main research interests of the laboratory are 1) lower extremity biomechanics associated with performance enhancement and injury potential, 2) fall risk reduction in care settings (e.g., in-patient medical rooms), and 3) resistance exercise effects on occupational performance and mental health in first responder populations.

    As part of these interests, the lab conducts research in sports science, clinical gait and related biophysical performances, and resistance exercise effects using state-of-the-art data collection technologies (force platforms, motion capture, muscle activation, wearable devices, etc.).



    • Effects of resistance exercise combined with breathing mediation on occupation performance and mental health in law enforcement officers

    • Health, wellness, and occupational performance changes among recruits completing the police academy

    • Interventions to reduce patients' fall risk in in-patient medical facilities

    • Explanatory metrics of countermovement jump and jump-landing performance



    We are always on the lookout for students with an interest in the research process.


    Whether you're a current Texas Tech student or a prospective MS or PhD student, we would like to hear from you and discuss any opportunities for you to contribute to our lab's work. Sometimes, we have competitive funding lines available.

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